Will You Like the Cherry MX Red Keyswitch in a mechanical keyboard?

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch should I get? – Cherry MX Red Switch

This article is about one type of keyswitch found on Mechanical Keyboards; the Cherry MX Red keyswitch, and why you may like to use this particular mechanical keyswitch for typing. Are you confused about Mechanical Keyboards? Why you would want to spend ten times as much on a Mechanical Keyboard as you would on a bog standard one?

What’s next – Quick Links to Cherry MX Red impressions:

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DELL U2711 Anti Glare Review

Dell U2711 Anti Glare Review

Dell U2711 IPS monitor

This review of the Dell U2711 Monitor focuses solely on the Anti Glare coating employed in the U2711 and its subsequent impact on the displayed image the monitor is capable of providing. There are literally hundreds of reviews on the internet for the Dell U2711 monitor that discus its feature set, performance and price. Read those if you want an a more in depth analysis of the U2711’s feature set.


The Dell U2711 has a 2560 x 1440 resolution giving it a 16:9 display ration, which is exactly double 720p HD video. This makes it a very good choice for viewing HD video content. A double 1080p HD display resolution would be better but is not easily obtainable in the market at an equivalent price point that the U2711 is available for. The U2711 represents a good screen real estate to dollar value ratio. Continue reading

Why Learn the Colemak Keyboard Layout?

werty was originally designed with the sole purpose of slowing down the typist so that typewriters would jam less and not need to be repaired as often. This does make sense and is very plausible considering the classic typewriter had arms that would jam or cross when the typist would type too fast thus slowing them down.

A response to this issue was the Dvorak layout. Dvorak is fast but one of its deficiencies is that the layout overly stresses certain weaker fingers. Colemak was designed to be easy to learn, balance typing between hands, and maintain recognised computer keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl X, C and V to keep undo, cut and paste valid across layouts.

Basically Colemak is a VERY efficient keyboard layout compared to QWERTY and DVORAK. It has a good effort to output ratio whilst distributing the load evenly across the strongest fingers.  The reason for this is Continue reading

Money Bags Month

Money Bags Month

An interesting fact about October 2010: This October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays, all in 1 month. It will happen again in October in 823 years.

Months with 3 consecutive days appearing 5 times in the month are considered by the Fengshui Calendar to be money bags months. Interesting huh.


What a load of rubbish. I wish I’d just checked the Calendar on my puter. It would have saved me a whole lot of thinking.  Isn’t that what computers are for? Saving us from thinking too much.

 Who wrote this last line?  Do I delete it?  I’m not sure?  It was probably my wife.  I guess that is what happens when you’re living with someone.

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