Shortened takeoff from Tullamarine Airport to Brisbane – Night Flight

Shortened version of… If you want the full apron taxi the see the full version but, it’s dark and you can’t see much. This is just seating and actual engine spin up. Take off from Tullamarine International Airport Melbourne, flight to Brisbane on Virgin Australia flight DJ353 aboard Boeing 737-800, window seat 9F (just behind engine) . Wet weather. Taken with Sony DSC-TX7 in 1080p MP4. Sound is a bit distorted sorry but, hey, I film with what I got, no external mic. Melbourne suburbs visible off the wing tip. Edited out the taxi, not much to see in the dark anyway. General Electric CFM56 engines throttle up at 9:50…. (excellent GE whine – turn the sound up if you don’t mind the distortion through the mic.)

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