Aug 122010

Everyone likes a firm toned bum

Bikini Bum Exercises for a tight toned tush

Belinda my personal trainer gave me some exercises to practice at home as homework. Who doesn’t want a tight toned bum?  You may think that this applies just to girls, but, guys, for the record, women appreciate a tight toned tush just as much as men appreciate it on women. So, for those who care, these exercises, and the bikini bum innuendo, applies to both sexes, for everyone’s benefit. The absolutely best exercise for toning your bum is the squat. Squats are the best exercise for shaping not only your bum, but also your thighs. Continue reading »

May 012010
exercise squats make sitting down on the toilet an issue

Squats result in pain and sitting down becomes an issue.

The pain: squats and sitting down on the toilet

I was recently flogged by a Personal Trainer with a barrage of squats on account of my whithering fine form.

Apparently I use to be in quite fine form, which is why my now wife, married me. Sadly, it was no longer the case, my fine form that is.

I would like to say, for the record, that every muscle in my body hurt. They hurt quite a bit. I was advised that pain is inversely proportional to amount of physical activity preceding the aforementioned personal training.

I don’t know or understand what that means, but, supposedly I was meant to expect it. The pain that is. I hadn’t done much exercise of late and my whithering fine form is the result of such lethargy on my part.

Going to the toilet to do number two’s is an amazing experience. Not the act or process itself, which I would rather not go into, but the ability to place one’s bottom down on the toilet without sufferance in the process. You see, the act of sitting on the toilet is very similar to a particular exercise called squats.

Squats are an exercise that were inflicted on me with total disregard and abandon by my personal trainer Belinda.

She was ruthless. I hazard a guess that a Navy Seal drill sergeant would have been more sympathetic of my derriere that Belinda was. She wanted me to suffer. She made me suffer. I suffer now.

Squats are very good bum exercise.  Squats burn more calories than any other single muscle group exercise, and tone the bum, gluteus maximus muscles, thighs, quadriceps muscles and lower stomach (abs). For that matter a lot of the muscles located around or near the bum. Hence, they are used quite a lot by personal trainers for good, quick results, particularly for women as that is an area most women (and men) in the western world would like to improve somewhat.

So, back to the toilet and my current Continue reading »